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Finger Thumb Sucking

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Age group:3-12 months,it can also be for older than 12 months till 2 years old

The crinkle sound, pain relieving texture, and contrasting colors will stimulate learning to help your baby reach their developmental milestones sooner. Because baby entertains themselves mom has time to finish a meal, call a friend, or even take a shower. HELPS FUSSY, CRYING BABIES BY REDUCING PAIN FROM TEETHING.
The gloves teether comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to prevent baby from dropping it on the ground and soft breathable fabric that absorbs drool so you spend less money and time doing laundry. Moms love that the mitts are machine washable, super easy to clean and each one comes with a complimentary travel/laundry bag. The gloves can be for both left and right hands,

Soft texture part include sound paper to make sound ,it's not only a glove,but also teether and comfort


Color:Blue and red
Material: silicone and mesh

Please refer to the follwing.

1. please be care so that your child can't take this item off oneself or remove the item.
2. If your child doesn't want to use the item, I advise that you put the item on your child during sleep.
3. To revise your child's habits, Both mom and child should make an effort.
Please pay attention the symptom.
4. I advise that you disinfect the item in boiling water in 30 seconds.




















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